Friday, August 19, 2011

Greetings, Friends!

Summer is waning here in Danby Four Corners. I can't believe that we are already well into the second half of August. Our busy season is in full swing as vacationers and travelers looking for sustenance and diversion drop in. Our local customers, too, have been busy with farming, fishing and barbecues, necessitating trips to the store for beer, wine and snacks.

I don't get much time off, but have managed to enjoy the summer just the same. I've been down to the swimming hole a few times, have taken some wonderful walks with my dog T-Bone, and have been to a pig roast, a graduation party and my nephew's wedding celebration in New York's Finger Lakes.

My house-mate and I put in a garden this spring with the help of local farmer, who supplied the top soil. It's not a very big garden, so we only planted a few things. I managed to harvest quite a lot of green beans and Swiss chard, but have only gotten a few summer squash. Mostly we planted tomatoes. The vines are monstrous! I spent part of my morning pulling out some of them because they were crowding the basil. Unfortunately, although there is plenty of fruit, none of it has ripened. Tomato blight has been an issue in Vermont the last few years, and I am afraid I will not be eating any from this garden, unless they're fried green.

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